It’s that time again – farmer’s markets are upon us, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another source of good nutrition than the fresh-and-locally-grown fruits and veggies you can pick up at the farmer’s market.

Farmer’s Markets around Northern Colorado:

Old Town Fort Collins Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 8AM to 12PM
200 South Oak Street near Larimer County Courthouse

Fort Collins Farmer’s Market
Sundays + Wednesdays 11AM to 3PM
Harmony + Lemay near Ace Hardware

Loveland Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 9AM to 1PM
Tuesdays 11AM to 3PM
Highway 287 near Hobby Lobby

If the Farmer’s Market really isn’t your speed, a CSA membership can be a great investment in your health and local food habits. Here’s a list of CSAs in Fort Collins, including Happy Heart Farm (a biodynamic farm), Garden Sweet Farm (known for their pick-your-own strawberries and flowers), and Native Hill Farm.

Farmer’s Market shopping tips:

  • Bring Your Own Bags – you never know when you’ll find a new favorite producer – whether they make farm-fresh cheese or an amazing bunch of rhubarb. Having extra bags on hand will have you well-equipped for finding new favorites.
  • Ask Lots of Questions – nobody knows the crop like the farmer who grew it, and they might even have preparation tips or favorite recipes.
  • Consider Canning – having fresh, local veggies and fruit year round can be the extra boost that keeps you on track when local fruit and veggies are in short supply or out of season.
  • Bring Water, Sunscreen, and a Hat – farmer’s markets are typically outdoors and there’s not a lot of shade. Be prepared to walk, explore, and carry a full bag back to your car or bike.
  • Plan Ahead – if you know you’ll need something in particular for a recipe, check the Market’s website to see if a farmer or producer will have a particular veggie before you show up.

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